VCR is a F&B company established in October 2013 with the simple intention of elevating the quality of product, service, and experience of the consumer. Specialty coffee is its primary core competency, with the eventual attachment of brunch offerings for a well-rounded menu. Other than the expertly executed coffee, there are various types of beverages on the menu that include teas, chocolate-based drinks, locally-made sodas, sparkling water, and freshly pressed juices. Recently, we have been experimenting with bottled beverages such as our Cold Brew Coffee, Houjicha, Kombucha and Masala Chai. The responses to these products have been exceptional. As a company with absolutely no background in F&B prior to commencement of operations, it has come a long way to top multiple charts in the social media sphere. As a relative newcomer to the coffee industry, it’s a clear reflection of the capabilities of VCR. Today, after seven years of operations, we’ve continued to garner excellent reviews consistently across all major platforms, a testament to our focus and commitment. At the heart of our company is a culture intertwined with respect, humility, empathy, and an aspiration towards the highest quality of specialty grade coffees. Through continuous talent management, its founder Andrew Lee intends to maintain the culture through all its outlets.